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Day 14 & Day 15

Miami - Orlando

sunny 24 °C

Day 14: Miami - Orlando

- Everglades (saw lots of gators & birdies)
- Toga Party (had a great toga themed party with the contiki group by the pool of our hotel, then it became a pool party.....super fun!)

Day 15: Orlando

- Universal Studio's & Island Adventures (this is where we did loads of rides and went to Harry Potter Land.....pretty freaking AMAZING even for someone who doesn't like Harry Potter that much....best part was when Beck cried after the Harry Potter ride, what a great fun day we had beautiful weather and lots of laughs!!!)

Having an absolute ball on Contiki we're hitting it pretty hard, its pretty sad coz in New Orleans we loose 10 of our crew, but we gain another 5 chicks and 5 guys.....hopefully they are a fun bunch because we all gotten pretty close as a group now! Tahns left her passport in one of our mad morning rush's to get to the bus but thankfully they had it and are express posting it to New Orleans for her to grab phhewww....I got my camera back....double pheewww!! Other than that not much to say we spent nearly 12 hours running around the theme park today so we are going to drink some punch out of one of the boy's bath tubs then konk out I think!


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Day 13 - Day 14


all seasons in one day 25 °C

Day 13: Miami

- South Beach (We had a \couple of hours in here to explore when we arrived in Miama before going to our hotel...pretty trendy place with loads and loads of restaurants, clubs and shops)
- Booze Cruise (Had 2 hours on a boat with unlimited drinks before heading out.....very funny night)
- Mansion Club (this club was humongous which is pretty evident by the name, I somehow managed to wander into the VIP area where you have to pay $1000 to get in and drank some rich dudes $300 vodka....ummm safe to say messiest night ever, but loads of fun!)

Miami is amazing, I could definately see myself living here....it is where the rich come to play, everyone is just rolling it!! we saw star island which is a man made island billionares decided to make as they thought the city was "too busy" haha this island holds mansions for the likes of Oprah, Jay Z etc etc haha ridiculous!!

Day 14:

- NBL Miami Heat Vs Torronto Raptors Match (AMAZING the game is like a rock show and was held at the American Airlines Arena. Lebron James was off tap he is this generations Michael Jordan, we all bought foam fingers and jumped up and down and get on the jumbo screen! SCORE! We were going to go out afterwards but all of us are still too hung over so there was about 30 who went to the game and all decided to come home....were lame as! but we also have to b up round 6am to go to Orlando so wise decision)

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Day 12

St. Augustine - Cocoa Beach

sunny 25 °C

Day 12: St. Augustine - Cocoa Beach

- Kennedy Space Center (We spent 5 hours here roaming around and saw some pretty cool stuff!! we did and hour and a half bus tour which took us to the places where you view the take off of rockets and the making of....neat! We also did the simulator ride of what it feels like to to take off in the space ship and apparently its meant to be be pretty realistic but I think not, coz if so I could be an astronaut easy peasy!!)
- Cocoa Beach (its 25degrees here....'sweltering hot' says Tahns, but seeing as we have come from the negatives it does feel hotter than just 25, so we went down the beach for a wander, and around the shops....the funniest thing happened when I went off for a walk....this guy was reversing in his car as I was walking on the footpath and he felt so inclined to yell rudie things out to me whilst reversing, wasn't paying attention and reversed right into a brand new pick up truck behind him...sucker! and the boy who works at the supermarket asked me out....he was probably 18....anyways im killing it in Florida wooo bring on Miami tomorrow!! haha)

So the ghost tour started out as T-dog being the toughie me being the wimp but as the tour went on I decided it was a load of shit, even though the stories were fun to listen too and Tahns was tearing up! haha what a 360!! but we did freak ourselves out back at the hotel and pretty safe to say we were both glad to be out of creepy St.Augustines!! In a minute we are all heading out to a seafood restaurant by the pier, but are then all taking it easy as the next 2 nights in Miami are meant to be HUGE party nights where we have to get dressed up and get into exclusive hotels so looking forward to it massively!! Spoke to mum on skype, saw TIGER, cried a bit....having a homesick day because it feels like we have been gone for an eternity coz we do sooo much in a day! But great weather, great places and great activities coming up the next couple of weeks so I am predicting homesickness lasts about 30 minutes!! Love to look at my pandora bracelet, havent taken it off and my scarfe mumsie made is a great reminder of some pretty cool parentals im missing (big dork I am I know) at home!


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Day 11

Raleigh - Savannah

Day 11: Raleigh - Savannah (via Charleston)

-9+ Hours of travelling on a bus (this sounds horrible but to be honest it goes quick, we sleep....ALOT, play games, watch movies and yeah thats about the extent you can do on a bus!)
-Charleston (Beautiful College town where we saw all the Kappa, Delta etc Sorority's surrounding the college, uni kids everywhere and had a great cheap lunch....thenn back on the bus!!)
-Pirate House (this is the first building in Savannah and it was where the pirates went to sleep, drink and all other things pirates do! This is where we went to dinner with our group and is apparently one of the best places to eat in the USA....my salmon was pretttyyy yummy! The cool thing about this place was your drinks came in skull cups, there was a hot Johnny Depp pirate look alike and they still had the passages that left from the building went underground and camne out at the boats, this was because men who were in there having a drink, pirates would spike their drinks which put them to sleep and carry them onto the boat and they would wake the next day as a pirate!! this was the pirates trusty recruitment system!!)
-Club 101 (renowned kareoke gay bar of Savannah.....need I say more.....good times were had, bad chords were heard)

Day 12: Savannah - St. Augustine

- Old Trolley Tour (this was a trolley which was on wheels that took us round Savannah for an hour and a half telling us about all the sites, this was pretty cool as a lot of the buildings were from the movie we watched 'Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil' and alot of the houses are haunted and people rarely stay longer than 2 years in some of the older buildings as they cant put up with the paranormal activity and alot of building are put on the left to decay list as everytime they try and renovate the bulidings people get thrown down stairs etc.....creeepppyyy, this town was really eerie!!)
-Group Photo (Forsyth Square Foutain is where we stopped quickly to have a professional take a photo of our contiki group, which we will get a copy of later on)

We then jumped back on the bus and headed to St.Augustines which is the most haunted town in all of America where we are going out to dinner and then going on a ghost tour where we are told you are sure to see stuff....yeah im packing myself as we all know im a big wimp!!
The weather is getting warmer, and the light switches are still back to front where ever you go, I miss home a bit this going from hotel to hotel every day takes its toll coz you never really get settled in and barely feel like you get to see the place you stop at apart from dinner, but tomorrow is cocoa beach and I am looking forward to some warm weather!! Hi to everyone back home,...you guys better be looking after my dog! MUCH LOVE!


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Day 9 & 10

Washington DC - Raleigh

sunny 3 °C

Day 9: Washington DC

So today wasn't my finest day.....considering I was too ill from the previous nights festivites to leave our hotel AT ALL!! I slept nearly the whole day and as much as it was a complete waste the night before was the best night ever and we had luckily seen all washington the day before and to be honest it was probably a much needed rest for myself and the knee is a lot better from it too!
Today was also the day that I found out my camera got pick pocketed the day before....pretty upsetting but cant dwell on it these things happen :(

Day 10: Washington - Raleigh

Today we were up and about early with a long day of travelling on the coach ahead of us, we drove through Richmond which is apparently rated one of the top 10 streets in all of America as it has monument row which has 10 statues of famous americans. We have ended up in Cary which is just out of Raleigh and tonight we have a buffet dinner and bowling with the group which should be fun. Not much to talk about today as we spent the day in the bus.


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