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Day 3

New York

snow -4 °C

Day 3: Midtown New York

Rockefeller Center
Top of the Rock (AMAZING views of the beautiful city)
Rockefeller Ice Skating
NBC Studios (missed out on getting on tv by about 10 minutes!!! back we go tomorrow morning!!)
St. Patricks Cathedral
5th Avenue (HUGE, HUGE, HUGE amount of shopping we can never afford, but so beautiful all the same....the amount of fur coats in this one area could keep an army warm)
Turtle Bay/ Manhattan Business District (this is the area of massive flashy buildings, expensive car yards and men in suits....dad there are suitable husbands in this area!!!)
Bloomingdales (over-rated I must say, is alot like Chadstone at home, but fun to go to see all the same)
Trump Building
The Plaza (Beautiful and the home of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl Tahns informs me)
New York Library (This was the most special place of the day, so old and intricate....LOVE)
Grand Central Station (Spotted T,T & K at Grand Central Station.....unless you are a hard core GG fan like us 3 dorks this will mean nothing but boy did we have some fun here! You kinda wanted to tell the locals who were rushing around that they should come and see Parliment Station so they can apprerciate the beautiful station they have!! So So Soooo pretty)
Pershing Square Bride (Tammy says its in lots of movies but I didnt really recognise it??)

Another day of walking for hours on end, unfortunately I screwed my knee, the same injury I got running a few weeks ago (I probably should have got that looked at as today I limped around for about 5+ hours) this has left me blogging in the living room whilst Tahns is out to dinner with friends because I can barely stand on it and need to rest it so I can be back in the game tomorrow :(
Every day Tahns, Tam and I get asked if we're Londoners which we usually take offence too, but today I was a total whinging pom about my stupid leg and the fact that I looked like a gimp in 5th Ave New York of all places!! But I soldiered on and still saw everything on the to-do list for today!! Yay!
Today was jammed packed again full of sight seeing but the most memorable would have to be the NY Library and Grand Central Station, both of which absolutely flawed us!! These two places would have to be the most beautiful I have seen as of yet, I took loads of photo's, but dont even think they will do it justice!! For all of those reading this who are obsessed with Gossip Girl like we are....today would be your dream day...expensive clothes, expensive cars, expensive furs and most importantly expensive plastic surgery!!

Hopefully we will get on the NBC show tomorrow morning when they film the weather segments outside!! Look out for us (the 3 eskimos not used to this ridiculously cold weather)


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Day 1 and 2

snow -6 °C

Day 1: Melbourne - LA, LA - New York

Over a days worth of travel proved to provide us with little sleep, lots of laughs and uncontainable excitement!!
Spotted at Melb's airport...Ruby Rose, joining us on our flight....Liam's Hemsworth!! The rate we are travelling I feel we may meet George Clooney at some stage during the trip!! Liam is possibly the biggest babe I have ever seen & was ecstatic that he was meant to be a couple of rows in front of us but then got moved to first class, I suppose thats what happens when your ex is miley cyrus!! BUMMER!!
Overall great flight attendents, great service, great movies and Tahns and I both agree...GREAT plane food!! We were both too excited to be tired and as soon as we got to NY we went exploring for a couple of hours....the city that never sleeps, all shops open till 2am WHAT THE HELL?? Oh, and I ate a hotdog off a street vendor...superb!


Day 2: Downtown New York (Lower West Side)

-Maddison Square Gardens (nothing like our arena's)
-New York Post Offce, (beautiful, big, old)
-Friends Building (I could pass it and not notice but pretty cool all the same)
-Chelsea Market (Most beatiful market I have ever seen,,,nothing like Frankston Sunday market Mumsie!!! This one has actual stores and arches with fairy lights and muscians playing)
-Chelsea Hotel (where Sid from the Sex Pistols killed Nancy apparently....Tahnee is making sure I get my Rock History Education)
-Carrie Bradshaws Door Step from SATC (My biggest girl dream for NY now complete!)
-New York Uni (NYU was possibly the coolest place ever, I may have actually enjoyed Uni if I attended a school like this)
-Washington Square Park (A gorgeous park with fountains and arches which NYU surrounds, equipt with a man in the middle of the snow who pulled a full piano out and played for the passes by)
-Highline Bridge (An old railway that they were going to tear down but decided to make into a public garden that overlooks the Hudson River - SPECTACULAR)
-LOTS & lots of Shops! (from vintage, to record stores, to CHANEL....the clothes divine, the prices even bigger and the customer service the worst in the world)
-The Subway (Tahns & I bought our tiks and jumped on board not so hard, and not as rough and scary as people say....we're all over this!)
-M&M World (3 Stories high of M&M's, soo many flavours, personal fav...peanut butter M&M = yummmooooo)

So Tahns & I had a great sleep minus the constant pipe creaking next to our room and the fact that Tahns turns into the Kung Fu Panda during the night and I copped a few good ones to the head and kidneys!!
Woke up this morning, rugged up massively and started to walk this took us to some pretty AMAZING places and we ended up not stopping for about 7 plus hours!! The coolest thing would have to have been Carrie's Doorstep from Sex and the City!! OMG so freaking cool but it is chained off and ur not allowed to take photo's on the steps, BUMMER, but understandable! That area was beautiful and I assume extremely expensive....it's strange how in a matter of blocks you can go from one extreme to the other, we saw the slums of America with commission flats and community basketball courts, to Greenwich Village and SOHO where the apartments are anywhere from $5000 a month (yes Tahns and I liked so much we had a look at a realestate agency) we were pretty much told WERE DREAMING!! But I would have to say that New York is the land of dreams, this place has the most amzing energy and charisma you cant help but get swept up into it!! Im finding it hard to write what I experienced today as there is no way to explain what I saw or experienced firsthand, but rest assured I am in love with this City, am having a ball and couldn't have thought of a better chick than T-Dog to live it up with (it does help thats she is a walking lonely planet guide)....would be lost without ya babe....literally!!

I dont really care if no one reads this, I hope it is something I can read back on to remember my trip, because I have a feeling it will be pretty full on!!


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