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Day 8

Washington D.C

sunny 0 °C

Day 8: Washington D.C

-Arlington Cemetry (This is a cemetry where politicians such as JFK, war heros's, the 3000 unknown solidiers and other famous Americans are buried. It a really cool place if thats not weird to say about a cemetry?? The change over of the guards ceremony there was really something to see too)
-Marine Corp Monument
-White House (Just as cool in the daylight as it was last night, but still wasn't any bigger...Obama was in there at the time!! We were like 20m's from him, wow i feel smarter already)
-Museum of Natural History (we got to see what we would look like as ape people!!)
-Museum of American History (got to see Julia Child's kitchen, Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz & Michael Jackson's Fedora)
-Holocaust Museum (Tahn's and I spent a few hours in there, just so much to see and its all real footage.....I saw a man dig a ditch and then they shot him into it, and them using a truck to move thousands of dead bodies, this place was really disturbing and upsetting but all the same I am glad I saw it)

Today was a free day for us so we got our geek on and saw some of the sights. The best thing about Washington is that everything is FREE all Smithsonian museums are free to see, this is a rarity in America and we sure want to lap it all up whilst we are here!! I got a skype account today and got to talk to jules which was amazing as I know we have only been gone a week but we have done so much I swear it feels like a month and today I missed home just a smidge!! Mum if your reading this check your phone, as I need you to create skype so I can see Tiger!! Currently Tahns and I are getting all hotted up to head out in Georgetown which is meant to be a really trendy area to a place called 3rd Edition, were drinking the cheapest alcohol in the world and ready to mingle with 50 of our new found friends! Will let you know how the night goes tomorrow!!


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Day 7

New York - Washington D.C

snow -3 °C

Day 7: New York - Washington D.C


- Maryland (rocky steps and statue....do do da do, do da do, dooo dooooo)
- Philly (gorgeous old town full of history where we saw the liberty bell and the declaration of independence, we also tried a cheese steak on reccommendation of the tour guide, let me just say only americans would like this....shredded sirloine steak in between cheese and in a roll ewwww)
- The United States Naval Academy (ooohhh we love a man in uniform, and this is the most prestigeous academy in the USA, 18000 apply they take 1200, they need to complete their course in 4 years and if they fail or drop out before then they have to pay back the government $350000!!! They have to work out a minimum of 3 hours a day and the stuff they have to do is just fully insane. I fell in love with a marine there that was a cross between Jake Gyllanhall and that dude from Step Up WOW)
- Washington D.C (AMAZING....this place is quite something and considering we were standing about 20 metres from the White House I'd say pretty good first day for D.C)
- 9+ Hours on a bus (fun and quicker than you would imagine when you have a chick like Camille as your tour guide)

Ok so I know these posts are getting shorter and shorter, will probably soon become near non-existent its just so hard to find any time, or if you do which is usually late at night your so dog tired its the last thing you want to do!!! BUT I will try and keep it up as a record of our trip!
Today was the first day of our contiki tour, and as much as its sad to say goodbye to a city like NY, we were both excited (and a little nervous) to get on to the tour. This meant waking up ridiculously early and heading to the meeting spot, it was a bit funny coz everyone was kinda akward with each other but Tahns and I met a cool couple of chicks and guys we clicked with instantly which made us feel better!! There was meant to be 54 on tour, but 2 didnt rock up so we left without them....seems to be a real mix of people on tour, but most of all they seem nice enough and a friendly bunch! Had a good group pizza party with them tonight and I think everyone will just relax more and more with other over the next day or two. Tomorrow night is party night in Georgetown where apparently its a pretty cool scene where the navy boys let loose, our topur guide is hilarious and I swear she will be more drunk than any of us!! This will be a great tour I know it already!!


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Day 6

New York

snow -8 °C

Day 6: Everywhere

-CBS Early Morning Show (got up at 6am, nwent down to the studio's with Tahn's, Tam & Matt where us and 5 other people made a crowd of 9 to wave and look ridiculous behind the weather segments.....totally tourists today but it was so so sooo much fun, we met all 4 of the anchors and saw ourselves on live tv....pretty cool!! This was followed by breaky and a tour of the studios where we got pics at the news desk.....fabulous!!)
-Tiffany's (Tahn's dream hour at Tiffanys was a captain snooze fest because the only things I liked was 2k ++ and was in a land of 'I wish', but Tahns got herself a pretty bracelet and necklace, and was pretty cool to be in a 6 story Tiffany's building!!!)
-Central Park (Lovely as per the day before but my snow antics from the previous day put me at more of a cripple than ever unfortunately and not much playing in the snow was done....did get to see the boathouse and Alice in Wonderland statue which were both gorgeous)
-Trash & Vaudville (hmmmm.....interesting.)
-The Empire State Building (Divine)
-Contiki Meeting (was there for about 5 mins, everyone filled in the form and bailed....wasn't really the social drink and hello's that Tahns and I were anticipating)
-Group Dinner at Applebys (Tahns, Tam, Matt, Juliana, Frenchie & myself went out for a goodbye dinner which was lovely and lots of fun and laughter.....will miss you guys heaps and heaps)

Pretty chilled day for us today actually, we were both pretty tired from only a couple hours of sleep the night before, so tonight its only a quick blog then off to bed to be up at 5:45am ggrrrrrr..... Will miss NY so much, Tahns and I are both a bit sad to be leaving as we finally got all our tourist destinations done and were just starting to really relax and get into and enjoy the city lifestyle. BUT this place is so expensive to stay in everything costs an absolute fortune and Tahns and I spent more money out of our spending money then ever anticipated but apparently it gets cheaper outside of the city and I think the bank account needs us to leave ASAP and find a place where a $25 breakfast isnt completely reasonable and not the least bit of a luxury breaky!!!! OUCH!!! Only disapointing thing about NY would be my stupid knee packing it in and the one and only thing I wanted to do.....eat a NY pizza slice....not being done! Apart from that this city was an absolute dream that has left me with memories I will cherish forever and lots and lots and lots of laughs!! BRING ON CONTIKI!!!!


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Day 5

New York

snow -7 °C

Day 5: Uptown New York

-The Met (The Metroplitan Museum of Art)
-Central Park (playing in 9 inches of fluffy snow was the absolute bees knees! we made a little snowman which was harder than you would think coz its hard for the snow to stick together when its so fluffy, we climbed trees and jumped into the snow, had snowball fights and all other kinds of fun in the snow)
-Museum of Natural History ("you give give me gum gum dumb dumb" - from 'Night at the Museum')
-Strawberry Fields (John Lennon Memorial)
-Broadway Ticket Line (stood in line in the freezing cold for over an hour but pretty much didnt stop laughing the whole time, also scored free tiks to CBS morning showing for tomorrow morning and were told we will be on tv....eeeeek, and we got $60 front row Mary Poppins tickets)
-Macy's (like kmart.....but worse)
-Victoria's Secret (anyone who knows me, knows I do a yearly order from this joint to get the coolest bathers and pjs, safe to say I went crazy in there......SUBERB)
-Broadway - Mary Poppins (BEST SHOW EVER, Tahns and I loved every minute & the actors were brilliant and most were from the original London verson of the play)
-Bubba Gump & Shrimp (great restaurant in New York complete with a singing waiter and all....yummo)

It may be a big call but I might go out on a ledge here and say best day EVER, well so far on the trip!! It was just a great day of fun and laughter with the bestie and experiencing New York and being a bit more chilled out about it! Safe to say that running around in the snow and jumping off trees did not help the knee situation as Im now heat packing it and theres a lump behind my knee the size of a golf ball, even if I have to crutch it up when I get to Washington it was so worth it to live up every minute in this beatiful city. GREAT DAY!! well its a short one tonight as Tahns, Tam, Matt & I will be up at 6am to go to the CBS morning show, get on TV and meet celebs.....yeppppp!!!


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Day 4

New York

snow -4 °C

Day 4: Finicial District

-Canal St (This was not really worth our time, it was pretty much a strip full of souvineer shops with shady people offering to show you fake handbags, but it all goes down to experience but really I put it the same as Bali)
-Scout Bar (O'neals is the real name of the bar but in the SATC Movie it's Steve's Bar called Scout, looks exactly the same but after embarrassingly taking pics out the front we decided to go back later tonight for a cocktail where they hopefullly won't recognise us as lame tourists!!)
-Brookly Bridge (gorgeous bridge, very big and great view of the City/Brooklyn)
-City Hall (this area has some beatiful old buildings, kinda felt like we were in London, but the best thing about this area were the SQUIRRELS they were everywhere and were pretty accustomed to humans as they ran up to your feet and people fed them acorns!! SO CUTE)
-Pier 17 (Tahns and I were hoping to see some of the big fish being loaded in but it was all closed up for the day even most of the seafood restaurants were closed, it would be an amzing tourist spot during summer)
-Wall Street (now this place was pretty cool, we were both expecting it to be a very fast paced street with business men rushing around everywhere but suprisingly it wasn't, however it does seem that each business man has his own personal driver who waits in a town car either on wall street or the surrounding streets....this street represents CASH and lots of it!!)
-Statue of Liberty (we were running out of time so we caught the last ferry which went out to the statue but didn't get off to go to onto the island, although, I think the best photo opps would be from the boat rather than her feet. I think the quote to sum up the Statue of Liberty would be"the bitch is kinda small")
-9/11 Memorial (there is no longer anyway to see the area as it is fenced off due to the construction of the new memeorial they are building which looks like it will be pretty special. They have made a little shop that has information and artifacts in relation to 9/11 though. Tahns and I were pretty moved by what was in there, it had many books, documentaries etc on the day, however what was most moving would have to be the artifacts pulled from the area, one of which was a lady's jacket with her husbands testiment to their life together, they also had a statue of liberty covered in the uniform patches of all of those that helped but did not survive. This was a very special place to have visited today)
-Flatrion Building (this is the skinny triangle building that Tahns just had to see, however it was a great old building seen in many movies)
-Subway (Tahns and I caught the subway probably 10 times today and yeah it may be a bit shady but it gets you from A-B a hell of a lot faster than your feet do. A classic moment was when we were travelling a man with an agressive voice stands up and announces he wants everybody to "listen up", I think Tahns and I both simultaneously thought we were going to get shot....however he just started asking everyonne for money....you think you have seen some dodgy people at frankston train station but here 'thug' is a dress code)

Last night I could not sleep for the life of me, I came down stairs and played on the net till the wee hours, went back up to bed....still couldnt sleep so took a sleeping tablet. This means we did not wake up to 10 which is very late for us considering the amount we have to get done each day and I was groggy as from the sleeping tablet, was pretty annoying!! The knee had also not miraculously fixed itself over night which I was hoping so I sent the gorgeoous Tahns to the chemist across the street to get me some stuff to fiix the problem....a heat pack, anti-inflammitories and a knee brace later and I was good to go!! The knee brace gave my thigh a cool fat roll through my leggins but whatever it was a life saver today!! Today was a good day, tahns and I had some great 'fist bumping' (inside joke) moments and was all very interesting stuff to see. Currently Tahns and I are sinking some extremely cheap smirnoff, heat packing my knee and waiting for the fabulous Tammy to get back to the hostel so we can go party in the east village. Pretty excited for it!!

I cant upload any photos as my memory card does not fit the slot on this laptop and Tahnee informs me there is a cord that does this that I did not bring?? eeek

Also some interesting things I have noticed so far are that the toilet seats seem to be really big here, this may be allowing for the very big bottomed Americans??, and to turn the light switches on at home you flick the light down, here you flick the switch up....this feels very unnatural and I constantly get it wrong, I will investigate this furhter though as it may just be our old hostel with dodgy lighting??? Also, McDonalds is sooo sooo cheap you can get 20 McNuggets for 4.99!!!


PS... I freaking miss my dog so much and cannot forsee myself being without him for the rest of the trip.....mum and dad I think its time to send him over, I have figured out the cold situation for him as today I saw a dog with mini ugg boots on his paws....problem solved!!

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